April 2nd Board Meeting

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ATTENDEES: Martha Prokop, Angela Bryant, Doug Falk, Marilyn Brennan
DATE: 04/02/2020 START: 1832
LOCATION: Zoom END: 1903

Meeting Opens

  • Call to order, 6:30p – Angela
  • Using free version of Zoom, so meeting will be limited to 40 minutes
  • Brian Kirk not present

TOPIC 1: Social Club

  • We need to put a wall between the EPOA and the social club, especially when we ask EPOA members to contribute money for social activities.
  • Social club will self-fund thru the end of 2020, and kick off a separate fundraiser around the Holiday Tour of Homes
  • Board was unanimous in support of this approach

TOPIC 2: Welcome Committee

  • Community shred, yard sale, welcome committee
  • We cannot plan any of these due to the coronavirus restrictions
  • Marilyn suggested we use Zoom to invite new residents to meet the board during board meetings
  • Martha suggested putting together a basket for new residents, including candles, golf tees, a note, etc.
  • Follow up: Marilyn committed to reach out to the new residents at the intersection of Berkeley and Mill Creek
    • We will plan to do this for the May board meeting
    • Angela will set up a separate Zoom meeting for May 7, from 7:15 – 7:45p

TOPIC 3: Coronavirus Response

  • Is there anything EPOA members can do to help residents in need
    • Angela will remind members via the email to reach out to neighbors

TOPIC 4: ACC Update

  • This month’s ACC update was submitted from Brett via email
  • Increased Transparency, reporting
  • Should we put ACC requests and violations on the website? Yes, but use lot numbers and street addresses, not owner names.
  • Information on lots and addresses can be found on the Prince William County Mapper: https://gisweb.pwcgov.org/webapps/CountyMapper/
  • Brett- working on online submittal form for ACC.
  • For future EPOA board meetings, ACC members will join board at 7:15p.
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