August 5 BOD Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Call to orde 6:15 PM

TOPIC 1: General Discussions

Discussion that July Meet & Greet was a success and discussion of hosting another neighborhood get together towards the end of September.  Theme will be:  Fall Happy Hour.  Potential date is Sunday, September 26.

There was some additional discussion about hosting a 9 hole golf tournament, followed by meeting back at the club.

Brian submitted the financial report to all members via email, prior to the meeting.

Doug submitted the monthly ACC report to all members via email, prior to the meeting.

Some discussion about neighborhood aesthetics.  These issues will be addressed by the ACC.

Marilyn suggested a ‘welcome’ letter be sent to all new neighbors to include such things as covenants, welcome to the neighborhood, include the EPOA board members along with pictures, etc.  Marilyn will draft this letter, and Kathleen can assist.

Doug will draft an ACC letter to all neighbors reiterating what is not acceptable, such as political signs, trailers, campers, etc.

Martha, ACC member,  will drive the neighborhood looking at properties.  Marilyn will share her observations and  notes to Martha so Martha can compile a report.

Meeting closed at 7:29 PM

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