February BOD Meeting

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Meeting Opens

Call to order 6:00 PM

TOPIC 1: General Discussions

Discussion was focused on the upcoming annual EPOA Board meeting and elections.

Meeting with be held at 4 pm on February 27, 2022 at the Evergreen Country Club.

President Marilyn Brennan will give opening remarks and have all EPOA Board and ACC nominees stand to be recognized, photos of each nominee will be available on line.
Treasurer Brian Kirk will give the financial update and explain what the annual dues support and why those expenses are necessary.
Doug Falk, Martha Prokopf, and Chad Waldrop will give an ACC report and share that due to non-compliance of the covenants by certain members , it was necessary to seek legal counsel.
The voting process will be explained and take place online up to 5 pm March 5th.

The floor will be opened for questions and discussion.

In addition, the following was discussed:

  • Chad said nominations were coming in slow but coming in. He revised the call for nominations email to the membership and resent to all neighbors.
  • Kathleen asked about having a ballot box available for those who might want to drop off their completed ballot instead of by email.
  • Martha brought up proxy votes and if they are necessary or not.
  • Brian proposed a Special Meeting on 22 February at 6pm for the current EPOA Board and ACC for final review of the Annual Meeting agenda and notes that the various speakers would present during the Annual Meeting.
  • ┬áBrian submitted the financial report. The account is in good standing. The VA SCC annual report has been filed.
  • Doug gave an ACC report and shared the process taken when members are in violation of the covenants. Martha Prokopf and Chad Waldrop, ACC committee, were also in attendance at the meeting.

Meeting closed at 7:00 PM

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