Jan 20 Board Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Review of agenda, confirmation that all are here and ready to begin.
  • No attendee from the ACC

TOPIC 1: 2020 Financial Report

  • Have received $1,100 so far for 2020. (2019 total was $3300-ish)
  • Jan Expenses paid include credit card fees
  • Insurance paid in Jan
  • Registration statement filed and paid
  • Current account total is ~$3400.

TOPIC 2: Annual Meeting Feb 9th

  • No nominations have been received as yet
  • Rob and Brett running for ACC
  • Martha, Angela, Brian running for EPOA. Marilyn might also join here.
  • EMAIL #1
    • Monthly update
    • reminder for annual meeting
    • reminder that nominations due January 31st- need 5 for board and 3 for ACC
    • one vote per lot
    • online voting will open Feb 1st trough 6pm feb 8th
    • proxy forms will be available feb 1st  for those not planning on attending the meeting will be available – default proxy is ROB, unless submitter provides diff name
    • vote online
    • vote at meeting
    • give a proxy
  • EMAIL #2 Feb 1st
    • online voting is now available
    • proxy forms are now available
  • After the meeting
    • angela to bring results of online online votes and proxy forms- collect votes from meeting and give to Lou
    • work with Lou to compile; Board to stay behind and count all the votes in person and online
    • existing board hang out and confirm counts.
  • Vote proxy, by Feb 8th.
  • 70 votes at most
  • We need 50% of votes to make this real.


  • Meet for dinner

Annual meeting agenda

Rob to open, introduction, what the board has addressed, create transparency and comms

Brian financial report

Angela marketing communications report, social, automation

Brett to speak to interpretation of bylaws

  • Increased comms
  • Transparency
  • Fiscal Mgmt Commit amount of money in reserves, grew balance to achieve
  • Acknowledgment of the bylaws, old, operate within spirit- inherited from previous board should we update? Determined not worth it
  • We really tried to ensure there is need to have more linkage with acc-

Rob to reach out to willie to let him know he has 5 minutes for ACC at the annual meeting-

Angela to write social promo/notes for martha

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