Welcome to our lovely neighborhood! We’re sure you’re going to love this amazing community as much as we do. 

EPOA Covenants

Homes within Evergreen Farms are all governed by covenants that help maintain the look and feel of our beautiful neighborhood. While these covenants are much less restrictive than those of a typical Home Owners Association, it is important to review and understand those items that do require Architectural Control Committee (ACC) review and approval. Please take a moment to review the covenants that govern our community here. 

EPOA Communications

We have several ways in to connect and communicate with the EPOA Board, the ACC, and your neighbors. 

  • Join the EPOA Facebook Group– This FB group includes casual neighborly conversations, posts about upcoming EPOA events, and provides other quick news tidbits via an easy to access social channel.
  • Subscribe to the EPOA Mailing List- By joining this e-mail list, you’ll receive more formal communications distributed by the EPOA Board (such as the monthly meeting minutes), as well as invitations and alerts about events and neighborhood activities.


Click here to request a home buyer's POA package.

Why Pay Annual Dues?

While you are required to abide by the covenants that govern the community as an Evergreen property owner, payment of the EPOA’s annual dues is voluntary. So why bother?

The EPOA relies on annual dues for several purposes. The majority of annual dues payments support the administrative costs of running the POA, including state corporation registration, accounting software, and website hosting. Surplus funds are reinvested in the community in the form of events and activities open to all members who have paid their annual dues. 

Every year the EPOA Board evaluates the previous year’s expenditures and creates a budget for the upcoming year (click here to view the 2019 budget). Dues are applied to this budget appropriately, while still maintaining a cushion for unexpected issues, such as the rare case where a homeowner is in violation of the covenants, and dues are used to support fees incurred in the resolution of the violation.