November 07 Board Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Review of agenda, confirmation that all are here and ready to begin.
  • Attending: Rob, Brett, Angela, Martha, Brian, Doug Faulk

TOPIC 1: ACC- Doug Faulk

  • No regular meetings seem to be taking place for the ACC
  • The BOD expressed concerns regarding transparency between the EPOA, the ACC and the neighborhood
  • How does the ACC work currently? Can we work together a bit more closely so that we have visibility into what’s happening?
  • SEND EMAIL TO ACC: re Berkeley House with shingle issue on roof for follow up.

TOPIC 2: Old Business

  • Approved minutes of October approved.

TOPIC 3: Treasurer Report

  • Not a ton of activity in October
  • Received 3 checks this last month
  • Spent only $4 last month.
  • Currently our EPOA account is at $3,969
  • YTD $3,100 collected in dues.. equal to 2018.
  • When will POA bills go out?

TOPIC 4: Couples Classic Update

  • Rob and Mary putting together a gift bag
  • Rob has the High Gross Trophy- who has the “Low Net” trophy scavenger hunt? SEND EMAIL- EPOA is missing the Low Net Trophy- contact Rob
  • Agenda- Golf, Social, Rob is going to say a few words re

TOPIC 2: Annual Meeting

  • Make the meeting – Sunday feb 9th- 5pm.  Rob to check with Evergreen CC
  • Angela to start putting this together.

TOPIC 5: Communications?

  • Yes to send out info re Christmas market
  • BRETT to post on fb page
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