November 5th EPOA Board Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Call to order, 6:35p – Angela

TOPIC 1: Finance Update

  • Brian provided an update on finances.

TOPIC 2: ACC Update

  • The ACC provided the monthly report via email.
  • Brett Thompson also joined the monthly board meeting.

TOPIC 3: Other Topics

  • Last month, board members discussed possibly coordinating a food truck in the neighborhood.
    • The club has agreed to using the club parking lot (on Mondays), as long as the truck(s) have a valid insurance certificate.
    • Next steps: Marilyn will reach out to food trucks to book for November – December.
  • Last month, board members discussed the idea of creating a neighborhood business directory of homeowners who run their own businesses.
    • Angela included information in the monthly newsletter.
    • We had positive responses.
    • Next steps:  Angela will create a page on the Facebook group page, which is password protected, and will add the information from the businesses that have responded.
  • Neighborhood trash cleanup
    • Last month we received a request from Peggy Pence seeking volunteers to participate in a VDOT street cleanup effort.
    • Angela created a Facebook post to announce the event and seek volunteers.
    • Angela will follow up with Peggy to get an update.
  • Marilyn brought up the topic of having a jewelry appraiser come to the neighborhood to perform updated appraisals for homeowners, like a “group buy”.
    • There was low response from residents, so this won’t be moving forward.
  • The board discussed ideas for socially-distanced social events during the holidays. Angela and Marilyn will work on a house decorating idea, where residents can drive around and vote.  The winning house will win a prize.  Angela will create a Facebook post to gauge interest.

Meeting closed at 7:12 PM

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