October BOD Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Call to order, 6:07p –
  • Attendees: Doug Falk, Marilyn Brennan, Brian Kirk, Anita Olsen & Martha Prokop (ACC member).  Absent: Chad Waldrop

TOPIC 1: General Discussions

  • September Meet & Greet held on the Club’s patio was deemed a success. Approximately 25 in attendance
  • Publishing an EPOA Membership Directory was discussed and a plan was initiated
    • The directory will be made available electronically and those wishing a hard copy of the directory will make a request
    •  Completed directory will be available at the 2023 Annual Meeting
    • Marilyn will pull county records for all Evergreen Farm Subdivision owners with addresses
    • A postcard will be drafted by Marilyn and Anita to send to the membership with instructions on how to complete/edit information for the directory AND how to request the hard copy if so desired
  • Does the EPOA have a formal address that can be used in correspondence? No longer have a PO Box..
  • Brian gave the financial report: Current account balance is approximately $2900.
    • Insurance payment needs to be made before the end of the year
    • Invoices for dues will be sent/e-mailed late November or early December
  • Discussion followed to increase the annual EPOA dues to $100 annually to meet the increasing expenses

TOPIC 1: Events

  • There will be no EPOA coordinated events in October & November
  • Holiday Season Suggestions:
    • Holiday Lights/Decoration Contest
      • Rules need to be established and publicized
      • Prizes need to be determined
      • Announcement of the contest will be made on EPOA Facebook page
    • Holiday Meet & Greet
      • To be held at ECC again
      • Open bar
      • Date and time TBD
      • Marilyn and Anita will begin drafting a postcard invitation
    • Holiday Open House hosted by a neighbor
      • Any member of the neighborhood  willing to open their house should contact the Board
      • EPOA would send out the invitations with a date and time chosen by the hosts
      • Guests who attend would provide an appetizer or dessert to share
      • BYOB
    • Progressive Dinner
      • Too complicated to coordinate for 2022 Holiday Season but we’re open to hearing from members who might be interested in coordinating or participating in a Progressive Dinner at another time

Meeting closed at 7:16 PM

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