September 05 Board Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Review of agenda, confirmation that all are here and ready to begin.

TOPIC 1: Old Business

  • Brian reviewed finances-
  • Board Meeting Planning:
    • Discussed making the October Golf event an event that the EPOA sponsors, and then make our winter event a ‘bring a bottle’ event in January.
    • Don’t scrap the patio get together- do this in September; no EPOA $ support
    • Rob to get with Chris tomorrow to determine date for the October Golf
    • $500 for the Octoberfest event
    • Plan Summer Meeting- Status? Rob, are you still planning a shin dig at your patio? Yes, but not sure about timing
    • Plan Fall Meeting- Status? Has this been given over to Jerole? Yes- Rob to get date over to Jerole within a week.
  • Brett mentioned he would submit a welcome committee report
  • Create/Update PO Directory- AFB updated and reconciled
  • Capture payments from 68 PO for 2019. Have received 58
  • Increase $ reserve to $3,500 by EO 2019. We are at $3700 and expect to spend 500 for 1 meeting among other expenditures.. expected to have at $3,000 by End of Year
  • Crooked Street Signs- Brett to follow up- FIXED
  • Pay Invoice for Web Hosting- Angela to provide invoice at 09/05 BOD meeting. Uh, whoops. Action item for her.
  • Brian to send 3rd Dues notice by EO June. Probably not worth it as those who have paid have probably paid.
  • Brian to update PO directory regarding who is pad. Status? Has the PO Directory on our Dropbox been updated?
  • Rob & Brian to create membership drive plan. Pending
  • Rob to look at who has and hasn’t paid so we can reach out. Pending. Brett to take streets and check into payment status.
  • Signs state Mill Creek has been adopted by EPOA. Martha do you have any info on this? That’s going to change; knights of Columbus are going to take this over.
  • Website info missing:
    • missing photos for: Martha, Brett, Willie, Doug, Phil
    • missing bios from Willie, Doug
  • Ask Marilyn for Market Reports- COMPLETED
  • Welcome Committee launch? COMPLETED
  • Brett to send bylaws to Angela- COMPLETED and on the website
  • Angela to create PO welcome/Dues sheet- COMPLETED, in review
  • Launch EPOA FB Group- COMPLETE
  • Social Committee Formed- COMPLETE
  • Consolidate emails, hosts- COMPLETE
  • Streamline email communications; set up main email provider- COMPLETE; Mail Chimp
  • New website launched- COMPLETE

TOPIC 2: Communication Issues with the ACC

  • We’re not receiving info/responses from the ACC as a whole. Make it a point to reach out to all members when needed.

TOPIC 3: Yard Sales?

  • Can we do this? Yard sales are ok? Yes.
  • Maybe ask questions in newsletter?

TOPIC 4: Asphalt Production

  • We were made aware of this.. as your board, this is not consistent with the rural crescent living experience and we’d like to provide information for each of us to ensure our opinions are heard.
  • Angela to post this – include the email address
  • Should also be an email out to the neighborhood- YES

TOPIC 5: How doe we get more POs to pay?

  • We only have 58 folks who have paid-
  • AFB to go through PO list and send out list of people who haven’t paid send to all- SENT
  • Angela needs to clean up the mailing list look at bouncebacks- COMPLETE
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