2023-August BOD Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Call to order, 6:06pm –
  • Attendees: , Doug Falk, Marilyn Brennan, Brian Kirk, Martha Prokop (ACC Member)
  • Absent: Katie Romano, Chad Waldrop

TOPIC 1: General Update

  • The Evergreen Farms directories were popular – there were lots of requests for copies
  • EPOA board planning a potential event for September, with an Oktoberfest theme
  • There was additional discussion on a “new neighbor” committee

TOPIC 2: ACC Update

  • The ACC notified the board that Page Murray stepped down from the ACC
  • The ACC was busy with several issues, including roof violations and the PWCSA “triangle” on Berkeley Drive. PWCSA is open to improving the condition of that section.

  • TOPIC 3: Finance Update
  • Brian Kirk reported $5600 in the EPOA account

Meeting closed at 7:14 PM

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