2023-November BOD Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Call to order, 6:16pm –
  • Attendees: Chad Waldrop, Doug Falk, Marilyn Brennan, Brian Kirk
  • Absent: Katie Romano

TOPIC 1: General Update

  • The Beckworth house sold; Chas will visit to welcome the new owners and deliver the covenants package
  • Marilyn will contact the ECC about having a social for the holidays

TOPIC 2: ACC Update

  • No one was present from the ACC to provide an update, although the board did receive an update on a roof violation where a contractor has been engaged to repair the roof.

  • TOPIC 3: Finance Update
  • We have $5000 in the EPOA account
  • While the EPAO fee is voluntary, traditionally we have had 44 homeowners (out of 112) pay the $50 annual fee
  • In 2023, we raised the fee to $100 due to the increase in legal fees. In 2023, we had 46 homeowner pay the $100 annual fee.

Meeting closed at 6:55 PM

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