2023-May BOD Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Call to order, 6:34pm –
  • Attendees: Chad Waldrop, Doug Falk, Brian Kirk, Katie Romano, Martha Prokop (ACC member).  Absent: Marilyn Brennan

TOPIC 1: ACC Update

  • Sent out letters to homeowners with ACC violations
    • Heard back from 5 homeowners who are working with ACC on mitigating violations
    • ACC contacted PWCSA about the equipment at Hunton Lane; equipment was painted green to blend into the landscape
    • ACC recommended a welcoming committee for new homeowners moving in, to provide a welcome package along with the EPOA covenents

TOPIC 2: Finance Update

  • Brian reported that the EPOA has $6000 at the end of April

Meeting closed at 7:21 PM

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