December 05 Board Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Review of agenda, confirmation that all are here and ready to begin.
  • Attending: Rob, Brett, Angela, Martha, Brian

TOPIC 1: 2020 Budget Guidelines

  • Turn over existing budget with suggestions to continue the plan
  • Requesting approval to pay the insurance bill- passed unanimous
  • Budget approved for forwarding to the 2020 board.
  • Motion to approve the email Brett’s email for budget of 2020- passed

TOPIC 2: NEW Business

  • January Meeting moved to Jan 22nd- Final Planning Annual Meeting is main purpose

TOPIC 3: Social Activity Discussion

  • Martha reached out to Jerole to ask about participation and events- status update
  • Seems to be some mentioned confusion between EPOA and Social Committee- aim to help clarify difference between and their relationship/connectivity
  • If SC received EPOA money, there will be certain guidelines to event planning/execution.
  • Support upcoming event? Twilight Holiday Home Tour?
    • Send out an email to the neighborhood? Concerns re lateness of effort
    • May cause additional confusion
    • Send note of completion, celebration after event.

TOPIC 4: Annual Meeting Feb 9th

  • Call for nominations for 2020 (in Dec email)
  • Survey for topics
  • Printed Newsletter in January
  • Brett to check on notification requirement for annual meeting
  • Board to stay behind and count all the votes in person and online
  • The ACC committee 3 members
  • Notify request for nominations, nominate yourself submit here by this date.
  • Vote proxy, by Feb 8th.
  • We need 50% of votes to make this real.
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