December BOD Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Call to order 6:30 PM

TOPIC 1: General Discussions

  • Holiday Reception
    • December 18, 7-9PM at Chad and Elizabeth Waldrop’s home.
    • RSVP equals 50 people, 21 families.
    • Marilyn will repost invitation on Facebook page and Chad will send out a reminder.

  • Brian Kirk provided financial report
    • 86 invoices for EPOA dues were sent out in early November.
    • 25 have responded with payment for 2022.
    • EPOA insurance bill is due early January.

  • Holiday Lights Contest
    • Contest has started, voting now through December 23.
    • Homeowners can vote by taking a photo of their favorite home and submitting it to [email protected].
    • First and second place winners will be chosen with a $200 and $100 gift card provided.


  • The ACC reports they currently have two pending items – a new application submitted and a complaint they are working to resolve.
  • Following up on the community wide letter regarding covenant violations that the ACC sent in November, the ACC will be following up with the individual homeowners who remain in violation.

Meeting closed at 8:00 PM

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