July 18 Board Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Review of agenda, confirmation that all are here and ready to begin.

TOPIC 1: Old Business

  • Brett to send Angela the EPOA ByLaws for posting to the EPOA website
  • Angela to send Brian an invoice for the new EPOA web site hosting and Domain renewal

TOPIC 2: EPOA Welcoming Committee

  • Rob and Brett to lead
  • Marilyn Brenner noted as the POC to provide info on new neighbors joining the hood
  • When new neighbor moves in, Rob/Brett to visit with small plant/gift and a copy of the welcome packet for the EPOA
  • Angela to draft out the EPOA Welcome Packet to be given to both realtors prior to closing, as well as to new neighbors for their reference
  • Dues should be sent to:  EPOA c/o Brian Kirk, EPOA Treasurer; 3514 Woolman Drive, Haymarket, VA 20169. Checks payable to EPOA.

TOPIC 3: Social Committee

  • Martha to reach out to Jerole to determine level of interest in leading social committee

TOPIC 4: Quarterly EPOA Meeting?

  • Kicked off a conversation regarding appropriate use of dues
  • Some members of BOD believe extra dues can go to support social aspects of quarterly EPOA meetings
  • Other members feel that per the ByLaws, the BOD only exists to support the ACC.
  • Continued discussion is required.
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