July 6 BOD Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Call to order, 6:08p –

NOTE: This board meeting was rescheduled from Thursday, 1 July to Tuesday, 6 July, due to the Fourth of July holiday.

TOPIC 1: General Discussions

  • Discussion of duties
    • delegating one person to update the website?
      • demo on how to update website needs to be reviewed
    • minutes of the meetings posted to our Facebook page or continue to use the newsletter?
    • EPOA directory needs updating
  • Brian submitted the July Financial Report
  • ACC reported on application requests
    • discussion – the need for a plan to refresh covenant awareness to  the Evergreen Property Owners
      • suggested an email be sent
      • have hard copies of covenants available at Sunday’s Meet & Greet
    • decision to seek legal counsel  for guidance on interpretation and enforcement of covenants
    • discussion to follow up with Verizon on unburied orange cable along streets

TOPIC 2: Activities for the Summer

  • Meet & Greet scheduled for Sunday, 11 July 2021 in Delashmutt Dr. cul-de-sac from 4-6PM
    • Marilyn will invite new neighbors to the event & have a few hard copies of the covenants on hand
    • Martha will provide name tag stickers
    • one table under a canopy will be set up
      • name tags available
      • index cards available for members to provide updated directory information

Meeting closed at 7:40 PM

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