March 5th Board Meeting

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Meeting Opens

  • Introduction
ATTENDEES: Brian Kirk, Martha Prokop, Angela Bryant, Doug Falk, Marilyn Brennan
DATE: 3/5/20 START: 1836
LOCATION: Evergreen CC END: 1945

TOPIC 1: Elections of Officers

  • Brian nominated Treasurer by Doug; Marilyn seconded
  • Angela nominated President by Martha; seconded by Doug
  • Doug nominated secretary by Marilyn; seconded by Brian
  • Martha nominated for VP by Marilyn; seconded by Brian
  • Marilyn nominated for VP jr; seconded by all

TOPIC 2: Bring Everyone Up to Speed

  • Martha suggested a community yard sale. 
  • Marilyn suggested a community shred day.

TOPIC 3: Goals for 2020

  • Social Fund
    • Angela to chat with Jerole and get her thoughts on a fundraiser?
  • Welcome Committee
    • Who should run? Who could do this, what should it consist of?
    • Marilyn could still provide info
  • Increasing Dues Collection
    • Brian to look at automating credit card payments.

TOPIC 4: ACC Update- Brett and Rob

  • Increased Transparency, reporting
  • Should we put ACC requests and violations on the website? Yes, but use lot numbers and street addresses, not owner names.
  • Information on lots and addresses can be found on the Prince William County Mapper:
  • Brett- working on online submittal form for ACC.
  • For future EPOA board meetings, ACC members will join board at 7:15p.

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