October 03 Board Meeting

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Brian Kirk, Brett Thompson, Angela Bryant, Jerole Stambach, Maryanne Boyd, Valerie High, Martha Prokop

Meeting Opens

  • Review of agenda, confirmation that all are here and ready to begin.

TOPIC 1: Old Business

  • Approved minutes of Sept approved.

TOPIC 2: Social Committee

  • BOD made things confusing for the Social Committee (SC)
  • Welcome SC to each meeting to provide us an update on what’s going on.
  • Spoke on what resources they have available to them- web, FB, mail.
  • Is there any budget left? Yes- $500 per quarter. Have $500 for Q4 and another $500 for Q1.
  • Wasn’t there extra money for a Summer Picnic? Yes but the BOD decided to put that into the kitty for next year.
  • SC couldn’t see the budget, can we make this more obvious? ABM to investigate.
  • Suggested to make social dedicated $ more of a percentage instead of dollar amount.
  • The events should be open to all members whether they pay or not.
  • Do the homes at the Hunton Extension part of the EPOA?
  • Discussion between SC and BOD re roles, and responsibilities.
  • ACTION ITEM: Determine liaison, Is Martha the liaison.
  • No Halloween party- too late
  • Tavern on the Evergreen- Discussion.. YES, BOD LOVES.
  • Parade of homes- for Christmas. Discussion
  • Progressive Dinner for May.
  • Identify which 4 events will have the budgeted money from the EPOA.

TOPIC 3: Treasurer Report

  • Sent via email.
  • Additional 3 member payments
  • Can be paid by credit card
  • ABM needs to get her invoice in! ACTION ITEM

TOPIC 4: Welcome Committee

  • Brett provided update electronically

TOPIC 5: Communications?

  • All good here-


  • Concerns about how the ACC is operating as BOD doesn’t have any insights- Requiring more transparency.
  • If you’re going to make a change to your exterior, it needs to go through the ACC
  • We haven’t heard from the ACC in a bit.
  • How can we better support the ACC for further transparency?
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